Volume 21 Number 2 April 2005
Who Needs Physiologic Pacing and Why?
“What & How” About Implantation of AAI/R, DDD/R, and VVI/R Pacemakers
G. Bih-Fang Guo
Pacemaker-ICD/Drug Interaction
Y-Adaptor Connection for LV Lead in Upgrading to Biventricular Pacing
Wen-Lieng Lee and Chih-Tai Ting
Trouble Shooting of ICD Therapy: Inappropriate Shock
71-76 Cardiovascular Effects of Trilinolein, a Natural Cardiovascular Effects of Trilinolein, a Natural (Panax Notoginseng)
Paul Chan,1 Pai-Feng Kao1 and Brian Tomlinson2
77-88 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Utilization of Microbubbles
Thomas R. Porter
89-97 Prevalence and Characteristics of the Metabolic Syndrome in Chinese Hypertensive Patients: A Hospital-Based Observation
Chih-Neng Hsu,1 Ya-Chun Chen2 and Tzung-Dau Wang2
98-104 Association of C-reactive Protein, Smoking and Association of C-reactive Protein, Smoking and Check-up Population
Kuo-Liong Chien,1,2 Hsiu-Ching Hsu,2 Ming-Fong Chen2 and Yuan-Teh Lee2
105-110 Acute Myocardial Infarction Caused by Acute Ascending Aortic Dissection
Li-Chin Sung,1 Ching-Hai Kuo,1 Po-Yuan Hu,2 Charles Jia-Yin Hou1 and Cheng-Ho Tsai1
111-115 The Valvular Involvement of Lupus: Congestive Heart Failure Can Be The Presenting Feature of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Leonard Wei-Ren Lan, Cheng-Ting Tsai and Charles Jia-Yin Hou
116-120 Preoperative Demonstration of Aortocardiac Fistula Caused by Aortic Valve Endocarditis Using Real-time Three-dimensional Echocardiography  A Case Report
Jen-Yu Wang,1 Tien-Yao Tsai,1 Ron-Bin Hsu,2 Lung-Chun Lin1 and Chau-Chung Wu1
121-126 Therapeutic Embolization of Anomalous Systemic Arterial Supply to the Normal Basal Segments of the Left Lower Lobe  A Safe Alternative to Surgery
Shih-Ming Huang,1,2 Ken-Pen Weng,1 Chu-Chuan Lin1 and Kai-Sheng Hsieh1