Volume 35 Number 5 September 2019
445-458 Terminal QRS Distortion in ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction as a Prediction of Mortality: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Narut Prasitlumkum, Natee Sirinvaravong, Nath Limpruttidham, Pattara Rattanawong, Elysse Tom, Chanavuth Kanitsoraphan, Pakawat Chongsathidkiet and Thosaporn Boondarikpornpant
doi: 10.6515/ACS.201909_35(5).20180909A
459-467 Association of Epicardial Adipose Tissue Thickness with Extent and Complexity of Coronary Artery Disease in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome
Murat Akcay and Mahmut Sahin
doi: 10.6515/ACS.201909_35(5).20190119A
468-475 Predictors of Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation after Beating-Heart Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: Is Cardiopulmonary Bypass a Risk Factor?
Yusuf Velioglu and Ahmet Yuksel
doi: 10.6515/ACS.201909_35(5).20190325A
476-483 Zero Fluoroscopy During Ablation of Right-Sided Supraventricular Tachycardia Substrates in a Pediatric Population – Initial Experience in Taiwan
Wei-Chieh Tseng, Mei-Hwan Wu, Chun-Wei Lu, Kun-Lang Wu, Jou-Kou Wang, Ming-Tai Lin, Chun-An Chen and Shuenn-Nan Chiu
doi: 10.6515/ACS.201909_35(5).20190211A
484-492 Body Composition in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
Marzena Anaszewicz, Wioletta Banas, Anna Wawrzenczyk and Jacek Budzynski
doi: 10.6515/ACS.201909_35(5).20190323A
493-500 A Novel and Simple Algorithm Using Surface Electrocardiogram That Localizes Accessory Conduction Pathway in Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome in Pediatric Patients
Hsing-Yuan Li, Shih-Lin Chang, Chi-Hsi Chuang, Ming-Chih Lin, Yenn-Jiang Lin, Li-Wei Lo, Yu-Feng Hu, Fa-Po Chung, Yao-Ting Chang, Chieh-Mao Chung, Shih-Ann Chen and Pi-Chang Lee
doi: 10.6515/ACS.201909_35(5).20190312A
501-507 Pulmonary Artery Distensibility is Worsened in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome
Emir Karacaglar, Ugur Bal, Serpil Eroglu, Ayse Colak, Serife Bozbas and Haldun Muderrisoglu
doi: 10.6515/ACS.201909_35(5).20190424A
508-521 Comparative Effectiveness and Safety of Antithrombotic Therapy in Atrial Fibrillation Patients Presenting with Acute Coronary Syndrome or Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Yueh-Hsin Wang, Hsien-Li Kao, Chi-Chuan Wang, Shin-Yi Lin and Fang-Ju Lin
doi: 10.6515/ACS.201909_35(5).20190311A
522-523 A Brave New World
Kang-Ling Wang and Chern-En Chiang
doi: 10.6515/ACS.201909_35(5).20190906A
524-533 YiqiHuoxue Decoction and Its Ethanol Precipitation Show Anti-Platelet and Antithrombotic Effects by Suppressing Thromboxane B2 Formation
Hong Wu, Zhen Lei, Shuibo Gao, Liping Dai, Yongjun Han, Haixia Gao, Xinzhou Wang, Zhentao Wang and Lihua Han
doi: 10.6515/ACS.201909_35(5).20190210A
534-541 InVestiGation of the Association of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior with tHe Occurrence of Future Cardiovascular Disease and Long Term Outcome in General Population Using the HEALTHCARE Database (VGH-HEALTHCARE)
Hung-Chou Yang, Ying Liang, Hsiu-Chuan Hsu, Jiah-Hwang Shu, Ruey-Hsing Chou, Pai-Feng Hsu, Yuan-Jen Wang, Yaw-Zon Ding, Teh-Ling Liou, Ying-Wen Wang, Shao-Sung Huang, Chung-Chi Lin, Tse-Min Lu, Hsin-Bang Leu, Wan-Leong Chan and Shing-Jong Lin
doi: 10.6515/ACS.201909_35(5).20190126A
542-545 Loeffler Endocarditis in Idiopathic Hypereosinophilic Syndrome Demonstrated by Magnetic Resonance Imaging Effectively Treated by Corticosteroids
You Zhou, Dong Huang and Junbo Ge
doi: 10.6515/ACS.201909_35(5).20190505A
546-547 Echocardiographic Measurement of Epicardial Fat Thickness
Weng-Chio Tam, Ming-Hsiung Hsieh and Jong-Shiuan Yeh
doi: 10.6515/ACS.201909_35(5).20170922A
548-551 Instructions for Authors
Acta Cardiologica Sinica