Volume 22 Number 2 June 2006
1-1 Information for Authors
Acta Cardiologica Sinica
53-57 Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Taipei, Taiwan
Chien-Hua Huang, Matthew Huei-Ming Ma and Wen-Jone Chen
58-66 DNA Polymorphisms of the Renin-Angiotensin System and Risk of Restenosis after
Kuo-Chin Chen, Kwan-Lih Hsu, Juey-Jen Hwang, Chuen-Den Tseng, Yung-Zu Tseng and Fu-Tien Chiang
67-74 EKG Criteria Predict Infarct-related Artery of Inferior Wall AMI
Chun-Yen Chiang, Po-Ming Ku, Tsuei-Yuan Huang, Chen-Chuan Cheng, Wen-Shiann Wu, Zhih-Cherng Chen and Ming-Ting Chou
75-80 Immediate and Long-term Outcomes of Stent Implantation for Procedure-Induced Dissection of Left Main Coronary Artery
Jen-Fu Liu, Shih-Huang Lee, Jun-Jack Cheng and Kou-Gi Shyu
81-82 Procedure-Induced Dissection of Left Main Coronary Artery--A Treatable Nightmare of the Interventional Cardiologist
I-Chang Hsieh
83-90 Prevalence of Isolated Systolic Hypertension and the Awareness, Treatment, and Control Rate of Hypertension in Kinmen
Shao-Yuan Chuang, Hao-Min Cheng, Pesus Chou and Chen-Huan Chen
91-95 Application of Cutting Balloon Angioplasty for Undilatable Venous Stenoses Causing Dialysis Access Dysfunction
Jiann-Jong Wang, Wen-Pin Huang, Wei-Hsian Yin, Mason-Shing Young and Jeng Wei
96-101 Sinus of Valsalva Aneurysm with Rupturing into the Right Atrium--A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Chao-Chien Chang, Chih-Hui Chin, Meng-Ling Chen, Thay-Hsiung Chen and Hung-Shun Lo
102-106 Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Treated with Endothelin-1 Antagonist, Bosentan: Case Report and Review of the Literature
Chun-Chieh Liu, Ping-Ying Lee, Hung-I Yeh, Charles Jia-Yin Hou and Cheng-Ho Tsai
107-111 Abdominal Pain Resulting from Acute Thrombosis of A Superior Mesenteric Artery Mycotic Aneurysm--A Case Report
Wai-Kin Wong, Jiun-Yi Li and Po-Chuan Wang
112-116 Cardiac Tamponade as the Initial Presentation of Thymic Carcinoma--A Case Report
Po-Jung Yuan and Wai-Kin Wong
117-117 Letter to Editor